Now it’s official, Cresco is spreading its wings. The project was born from the collective determination of the town day nurseries of La Chaux-de-Fonds. These early childhood structures welcome children of different origins, and their educational teams felt the need to develop tools dealing with diversity and inter-culturalism, which is why they undertook to propose new contents within the frame of their work – and on a voluntary basis. Everyone participated in the project, from its conception (Solange Mantegani, Christophe Cedolin), through the preparation of contents (Joanna Domingos, Saskia Pellaton), singing activities (Caroline Bolat, Clovis Brahier, Noah, Maël et Tania Cedolin), multimedia development (Amaël Domon), and the production of books (Solange Mantegani, Fabienne et Oranne Vögeli). None of it could have been possible without the commitment of the entire team, and of the children of course! This project is supported by the State of Neuchâtel and the Confederation, and is part of the Canton Integration Programme (Programme d’intégration cantonal, PIC). Thanks to this support it is now destined to grow and welcome all the contributions of the early childhood structures of the canton. Together we bring meaning to the idea that the knowledge and the tools necessary to grow up are born from exchange and diversity.

Conception: PointK et Benjamin Floch